Mitigation Banking


    Our rapidly growing population, industrial development and increasing subdivision development initiatives are rapidly diminishing many plant and animal habitats in the Coastal Plain Region.  The U. S. Army Corps of Engineers has designated several plant and animal species as "severely threatened" or endangered.  As these ecosystems are destroyed, they must be replaced to protect endangered plant and animal life.  This process is called mitigation.  The Lacassane Company has been designated by the Corps of Engineers as a provider of mitigation credits both at the Illinois Plant location (the Lacassane Coastal Prairie Mitigation Bank) and in Ragley, Louisiana (the Bill Jackson Longleaf Savannah).

    We have partnered with The Coastal Plain Conservancy, a local land trust, to hold conservation servitudes on the acreage.  The banks are monitored and maintained by Wildlands, Inc., a local environmental consulting and plant propagation entity.


    Below are pictures of the seed propagation area:



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